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During the pandemic, QR code usage in market is increasing day by day. The major advantage of QR code is that it does not require to make physical contact to the objects, which helps in avoiding unnecessary touches and decreases the chances of the infection. Here in this blog we will see what is the use of QR code with respect to marketing, and how to create them.

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What is the need of QR Code

When it comes to offline promotion the set of tools are limited such as: TV advertisement, billboards, brochures and etc. It is not possible to place much information on the printed material, although you can add link in the advertisement, poster etc. but it is not feasible for the user to use, few people will manually enter the link and search but it might lead to typo error. So the solution could be to use the QR code which will only require 2 simple steps: Scan and click.

QR code is not just an image, it's the bundle of information.

How to create QR code?

There are vaiours websites or tools available for creating QR code. So could be difficult to choose the best out of them.

Lnkiy provide QR code

Create QR Code of Random Links -

Best place to create QR code is Using Lnkiy, you can create QR code for all your links. You can download it, print it and also mail it. The advantage of using are detailed analytics for each link. Apart from creating the short link, QR code you can even protect it by providing a password and also you can track the QR code effectiveness and calculate the most profitable platform.

There are 2 simple steps to generate the QR of any short link on

  • Create the short link of your destination long link of which you want to get the QR code.

  • Click on QR code icon, to get the QR code of that created short link.

Also,if you want to generate the QR code of already created short link then you just need to add -qrcode after the created short link.
For Example:
Link to generate QR code:

You can also put restrictions on the access of QR code from random users by putting the password on it.

Use of QR code

You can use these QR code where ever you want, like on flyers, posters, images, banners, anywhere where you want to do marketing or whatever. Even it helps the users from typing the wrong link as they are case sensitive.

Different ways of using QR code

You can add QR code wherever user can easily view and scan them. There are different ways of using QR code, For Example: Poster, Banners, Advertisement, Billboard, business cards, product packaging, Hotels etc. Let's see the real life use of QR code:

  • On your company's printed marketing materials
  • you can add QR code on your company's marketing materials such as flyers, catalogs, banners and more. This way you can convey more information to the readers. But while adding QR code you will need to add descriptive text which will guide the readers how to scan the code and what will be the benefit of doing so.

  • Printed on product labels
  • Adding QR code on the physical product label can be a great idea to convey more information in the less space. For Example: If you place QR code on the bottle of juice, scanning that code you can provide details like ingredients, recipe, package, how long it will keep, and much more. This way your brand will be highly respected for worrying about the customers.

  • On a sticker on your laptop
  • Printing a copy of your QR code and affixing it to the cover of your laptop is a great way to provide information related to model, support details and etc.

  • Integrated into your trade show or exhibition displays
  • Adding QR codes to your trade show displays can be a great way to give people important information about your company, without making them feel as if they need to engage with your booth representatives personally.

  • To encourage Instagram and Twitter “follows” and Facebook “likes”
  • Since social media is playing a larger role in SEO than ever, using QR codes that redirect visitors to your Facebook fan page, Instagram or Twitter profile can be a great way to build your following on these popular social media sites.

  • On your printed business cards
  • Adding QR code on your business card is a good idea, but you will have to put some effort into what kind of information you want to send to people who scan your QR code. You can include your contact information, business location or your social media handles on your QR code, which might not fit on your tiny businnes card.

  • On Hotel menus
  • Instead of giving visitors a physical menu card you can provide them a QR code. After scanning, the visitors can view the menu on their mobile phone. The menu in this form will avoid contact and hence decreases the chances of infection. But for this you need to check the efficiency of the WI-FI becuase everyone doesn't have mobile internet.

  • QR Codes on bus stops, train stations
  • A quick QR code scan gives travellers the realtime information on when the next bus, train will arrive.

  • On bottles of wine
  • By keeping the QR code on the wine bottles. It would be nice for the people to be able to get info about the vineyard, and more.

  • For Payment methods
  • Now a days, people are moving into online payment, so scanning the QR code and pay makes the life easier of both the buyer and seller.

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