How to increase the brand value?

In today's time everyone is moving towards online platform. It's easy to calculate the physical value of your product but what really matters is your customer perception towards your product and brand.
Due to this, its important to build the value into your brand and communicate that value to customers through your marketing strategy for long term success of your company.

There are different ways to increase the brand value, we will discuss below one of the way to increase the brand value:

  • Identify the correct keyword
  • Create custom short link
  • Track created short link

Identify the correct keyword

The first and important step is to identify the correct keyword for your brand, you can identify the relevant keyword using various tools such as:,,, etc.

These are some to the website/tools where you can search for keyword for your brand or product and put those keywordds in you website meta-data. This will help you to increase your brand value.

Create custom short link

Now, the second steps would be to create the custom short link. You links might not be relevant to your brand name so you must create the links which indicate your brand or product. For Example if you share some long link to the user that might not provide the proper information if the webpage, to avoid this kind of issue you should create a short link that provides the proper information of the webpage at first glance.

Long link:
Short Link:

How to create short link:

There are various website or tools to create short links, and Lnkiy is one of them. Lnkiy is a custom url shortener which helps you to create random or custom short link also it helps to track and analyze the short link. Its very easy and quick to create short your link via Lnkiy you just need to provide your long link and your keyword for that link and click on shorten button, and short link is ready.

How to increase your brand value -

Track created short link

After creating and sharing your link you need to analyze customer behavior.Creating short link and sharing it among the users is not enough, you should target the correct platform and user to increase your brand value. This can be achieved using the Lnkiy analytics. To use Lnkiy analytics, you should first login and create your short link so that you can check the platform, browser, country and much more.

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