How to restrict short link to access particular pages

Are you looking forward to protect your short link or wish to provide any premium members ship to some specific user? You might want to restrict your content to the users who have opted this member ship. With you can easily short and protect your pages with the password protection.

What is password protection?

It is simple functionality which allows you to create a short link of a page and protect it by assigning a password to it.

How does it works?

When you share the password protected short link and whosoever knows the password can access the short link. This functionality is applicable on each and every short link that have been created with If a user click on the password protected short link, user will first see the page where they need to enter the password and if the password is correct you will see the actual page.

How to create password protected link

There are two simple way to protect your short link to restrict access from random people

For new short links :

  • Login/ Sign up to

  • Shorten a link

  • Click on key icon and assign a password to it.

  • Click on Set Password button

For existing short links :

  • Login to your account

  • Edit an existing short link

  • Choose protects as yes and specify the password

  • Click on Update button

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